June 1st, 2006


Hey friends!

Today is the first day Ryan and I will be moving into our new space! The place is fantastic.
if you haven't read a copy of the June 1st Savannah Morning News, let me know, I'll try to
put it all up here for people to read. We were on the FRONT page!!! John Stoehr has been
so absolutely wonderful to us. He's always been so supportive. In fact, everybody has. I
have been blown away by the response to the news paper article. We started getting calls
at 6:46 AM yesterday! It is so exciting. All day yesterday I felt like I was going to explode.

Basically: we have to raise $17,000 in the next month to keep our amazing new space.
That doesn't include utilities or any equipment, or *shrugs* chairs.

I know we can do it. There is a hunger for theatre in this town, and I hope Savannah
Actor's Theatre will be able to satisfy (at least) some of it. We wouldn't want to
satisfy all of it because this town should have more theatre!!!

much love all and God Bless,


Artistic Director and all that
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