June 11th, 2006


Greetings!! Sasha here!

We are having a blast working at the theatre. it's super hard and super nasty because it is soooo hot and sticky with no A/C but things are getting done and i am overwhelmed by the amazing response to our need for assistance. There are always at least three or four people here who are just volunteering their time to paint, sew, swee, build stuff. . . etc. Toby Thelin has saved our tucases (is that a word?) with the building. He has built us AMAZING platforms so that when we have chairs *sigh* someday, they will have a place to go and the audience will be able to see the stage. YAY see what the actors are doing !!!! YAY!!!

Today is the beginning of wrapping things up - well - starting to - nevermind. but we are cleaning today and it feels wonderful. The set is almost done!! It looks amazing! Corey Ben-David and her crew are almost finished with the costumes, hopefully we'll start rehearsing with them tomorrow night. Props are coming together. The jury is still out on the lights, but we are working on it. It is all so exciting!

We might be getting a theatre cat who looks like an alien.
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