June 15th, 2006

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We have a beautiful new building and a lot of talented people working on it. In fact, the hours some of our associates are pulling are staggering - in at 8 a.m. and out at midnight. Moving into a non-proscenium space is certainly a wakeup call to the detail work that has to be done to make it 'theatrical'. The platforms for the seats did a great deal, though, and the back curtain's habit of sagging in the middle is nothing if not mysterious and (in my opinion) highly French. With the bay doors open it feels as if a silver-plated street mime could walk in at any time and dispense non-verbal witticisms to the audience.

The money's not coming in as fast as we had hoped and are quite optimistic for. I believe the Friday gala is going to bring interest and funds - at the risk of saying the word relief, I believe that's approaching something I'll feel when the eleven months are paid for. A lot of work can be done in eleven months. Work that I can focus on and think about!!! The business side of me is having an absolute ball being an ultra-resourced and incredibly well organized manager of funds and property, but the theatrical side of me feels a little quashed. The ideas are all there, per usual, but I think I need to take them to the gym a little more.

I tell ya, though, 'Neverwhere' is going to be a trip of the best kind. Speaking of trips, I hereby offer to fly Neil Gaiman here and back from wherever he would like to come from - out of pocket - because I am very proud of Sasha's work and darned if this play doesn't have all the humor and drama of what is a very great book.

Two pictures out of my amusement (and USB cord):

First we have the evervescoisity of the Earl (dressed, rather ironically, as Gary) with several of his attendants:

and a quite candid (and surenuffwedid!) photo of Giles Gonnsen and myself singing what we hope will be the next Pop British hit, 'Alright' - (receiving its world premiere in 'Neverwhere'!)

Pleasant thoughts take you all!
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