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More Excitement to Come!

hello hello hello!

sasha here.

so much has been going on. i know ryan has written a boat-load about the exact
details of the last week, he'll be posting them soon, i'm sure. i just wanted to post
about the pick-up rehearsal we had today. It was hysterical. I haven't laughed so
hard in quite a while. It was absolutely grand to see david and ryan coming up with
new moments. there is a possibility that taking a few days off was really good. david,
who is playing Mephistopheles, is one of the funniest humans i've ever met. it goes
without saying that i find ryan brilliant. i wouldn't have wanted to direct him

i am extremely proud of this production. it looks like we'll be running this show
for a little while.

more to come in the next few days....

"An Apology for the Course and Outcome of Certain Events Delivered by Doctor
John Faustus on this His Final Evening" written by Mickle Maher and directed by
Sasha Travis will be playing again this weekend. Friday, September 9 and
Saturday, September 10. 8:00 PM curtain, the cast will be ascending from hell
after the production to mingle this time. leaving them in hell last week turned
out to be a very bad idea. oh! it's at the Starland Theatre again, on the corner
of Bull St and Maupus.
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