We're up and running and in full swing!!!

Earthen Heroes opened yesterday, and while it is not a Savannah Actor's Theatre
production, Ryan did direct it AND it is hysterical. I am so proud of the actors
and the tech for all of the hard work they have been doing for so long...

We also have a few projects coming up . . . First and foremost we are going to
be a part of the Tennessee Williams Festival out at Tybee - -


Tybee Theater Cafe announces auditions for 'Small Craft Warnings',
written by Tennessee Williams and directed by Savannah Actor's
Theatre’s Ryan McCurdy and Sasha Travis.

Six male and two female roles of varying ages will be cast.
The play will rehearse in February and run Sundays in March as a
part of Tybee Theater Cafe's Tennessee Williams Play Festival.
Those auditioning should prepare a one-minute contemporary
monologue and anticipate cold readings.

The auditions will be held Saturday, January 28th, 2006, at 6:00 p.m.
in Tybee (Tybee Theater Cafe, Hwy 80 & Jones Ave, 2nd stoplight on
Tybee) and Sunday, January 29th, 2006, at 6:00 p.m. in Savannah
(Crites Hall, 217 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.).

Come and audition! It's TennWillie!!

A Great Wait

Hi, everyone! We re-opened "An Apology..." tonight at The Sentient Bean and it was some sort of incredible for me. I felt up until almost the last fifteen minutes that I was not making my part work, but by golly when it was over it felt the best it ever has. With the slight complications of the gentleman who entered off the street and began to shout at me, the children who ordered coffee with voices a few decibels too loud, and the fact that: 1.) I quite unintentionally dropped the cage gate while I was getting Zowie and 2.) I beaned one of our patrons with future potatoes - it felt wonderful!

It was so nice to be working with David again too. I have enormous respect for him and enjoy working with him so much.

We have auditions on Tuesday for "Earthen Heroes". You can call us at 912.236.2341 for more on that, or join the mailing list by writing mailinglist@savannahactorstheatre.com with your information.

Expenses: spent $17.14 on the groceries for this weekend's two performances, and received $35.05 in donations. Please come tomorrow if you would like!
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And round and round

Update for today is a new addition for the website: a folder of reports from each production with expense/income and project status records. Up now is the project status report of the Starland run of "An Apology..." Additionally, I have just uploaded all of the .pdf files that the IRS and the state of Georgia require for the incorporation of a non-profit in the state of Georgia. Those files, with instructions forthcoming, can be found here. Hope everyone's weekend was wonderful!

A loop beyond the ordinary.

How is everyone's September? Per usual, in the rush of setting about to accomplish things, the postings in the wonderful journal go somewhat by the wayside. But not for long! By Monday I hope to share a useful series of phone number and IRS forms for those interested in the forming of a non-profit corporation in the state of Georgia.

In the meanwhile, we have added performances of "An Apology...", which does my heart good. I'm excited to do the piece in a new space with a new environment (and an open cappucino and coffee bar). The productions are the 14th and 15th of October, 8 p.m. both nights at the Sentient Bean. Drop a line if you need help finding the location or would like for us to hold tickets (both shows are free).

Morning of this 10th

Good morning! Had a wonderful evening last night with our first night of the second weekend of "An Apology..." My father shot some wonderful photography after the show, and the results may be viewed here. Please enjoy, updates forthcoming!

More Excitement to Come!

hello hello hello!

sasha here.

so much has been going on. i know ryan has written a boat-load about the exact
details of the last week, he'll be posting them soon, i'm sure. i just wanted to post
about the pick-up rehearsal we had today. It was hysterical. I haven't laughed so
hard in quite a while. It was absolutely grand to see david and ryan coming up with
new moments. there is a possibility that taking a few days off was really good. david,
who is playing Mephistopheles, is one of the funniest humans i've ever met. it goes
without saying that i find ryan brilliant. i wouldn't have wanted to direct him

i am extremely proud of this production. it looks like we'll be running this show
for a little while.

more to come in the next few days....

"An Apology for the Course and Outcome of Certain Events Delivered by Doctor
John Faustus on this His Final Evening" written by Mickle Maher and directed by
Sasha Travis will be playing again this weekend. Friday, September 9 and
Saturday, September 10. 8:00 PM curtain, the cast will be ascending from hell
after the production to mingle this time. leaving them in hell last week turned
out to be a very bad idea. oh! it's at the Starland Theatre again, on the corner
of Bull St and Maupus.

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Turn On All The Lamps!

Just finished logging three hours (1a.m.-4a.m.) of work on the website. I haven't done that sort of coding time since I was designing for the somewhat less visible website of Introspective Films. At Waffle House it occurred to me that here was my computer with Dreamweaver MX and myself with few skills on it. This led to the radical and, I can assume, continuous learning of Dreamweaver MX 2005. Sweet dreams!


Took a late night sojurn to the convenient Waffle House one exit up I-16 this evening, bought a copy of the Savannah Morning News on the way, saw both the calendar entry for "An Apology For The Course And Outcome Of Certain Events Delivered By Dr. John Faustus On This His Final Evening" and the trade name registration listing for Savannah Actor's Theatre. Certainly computers have changed the way we communicate, but there is still such power in seeing your name and interests in the local paper (and a paper that you fairly well know was read by fifty thousand others that day). After leaving the Waffle House, sated (too sated, really, two waffles can set me for the whole day), and just before arriving back at the domicile, Sasha spotted an armadillo. This caused us to leap from the car with quiet passion, camera in and, and follow it around for a while, looking for photo opportunities. And now, to share this armadillo with you:

Live theatre and live armadillos are two good things to talk about in one evening. Good night!

P.S. Starting A Live Theatre Business is like reaching Chimney Rock in The Oregon Trail.

Great Tidings of Koi!

From 1p.m. - 3p.m. today David, myself, and Sasha worked on "An Apology For The Course And Outcome Of Certain Events Delivered By Dr. John Faustus On This His Final Evening"; there was a full walk-through and copious notes after. I had a wonderful time and really, upon hearing several of the passages, connected in a much more emotional way than before.

I am posting information on Friday's production on the SavannahNOW Message Boards today in an attempt to widen the reach of our publicity.